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Tag-based masking policies management in Snowflake ❄️ 🏷️

Who is this for?

For the dbt-ers who want:


  • Add to packages.yml file:
  - package: infinitelambda/dbt_tags
    version: [">=1.0.0", "<1.1.0"]

Or use the latest version from git:

  - git: ""
    revision: <release version or tag>

And run dbt deps to install the package!

Quick Demo

Jump into Getting Started page for more details on how to start using this package.

📹 Here is a quick live demo:


See dbt_project.yml file

Go to vars section here 🏃

We managed to provide the inline comments only for now, soon to have the dedicated page for more detail explanation.

Here are the full list of built-in variables:

  • dbt_tags__database
  • dbt_tags__schema
  • dbt_tags__allowed_tags
  • dbt_tags__resource_types

How to Contribute ❤️

dbt-tags is an open-source dbt package. Whether you are a seasoned open-source contributor or a first-time committer, we welcome and encourage you to contribute code, documentation, ideas, or problem statements to this project.

👉 See CONTRIBUTING guideline for more details or check out

🌟 And then, kudos to our beloved Contributors:


About Infinite Lambda

Infinite Lambda is a cloud and data consultancy. We build strategies, help organizations implement them, and pass on the expertise to look after the infrastructure.

We are an Elite Snowflake Partner, a Platinum dbt Partner, and a two-time Fivetran Innovation Partner of the Year for EMEA.

Naturally, we love exploring innovative solutions and sharing knowledge, so go ahead and:

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